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It all started when...

In 2002, I discovered a passion for Numerology. I had been eager to find a tool which would allow me to understand my Reiki clients on a much deeper level. What made them tick? Why did some choose to heal while others did not? I quickly learned that a basic understanding of Numerology allowed me to be able to connect with my clients on a level that proved to be invaluable. Since then, I have had the honor of teaching thousands of students from all around the world.

I have been a frequent guest speaker on radio and television as well as a regular contributor to many publications. I have had the pleasure of creating and facilitating many online and live workshops designed to inspire the budding Numerology Keener!

For reasons unknown to me, over the years I have seemed to attract mostly those with the master number 11 life path. Little did I know that this would lead me into the specialty I always knew I needed to pursue. I had been searching for this connection ever since I was a little girl.

I don’t know why I “get” the 11’s. I just do. Spirit has asked me to be your guide and I accept this job as my life’s purpose. Nothing brings me more pleasure than to help an 11 find their way.  

I am grateful to live on the Eastern shores of Nova Scotia, entertained by various forms of wild life every day. Occasionally when I pull myself away from my passion (that’s you!) I take time out to enjoy time on the back of a lovely mare named Treasure. When the weather cooperates you can find me out in my garden enjoying swing time with my dog and my soul mate Serge.

I am continually inspired by the many 11’s who have shared time with me. It brings me great pleasure to provide you with this space where I sincerely hope you will call home.

Ann Perry