I was at the point of giving up on life itself. I too am a number 11, and I feel I fail at everything, I don’t know if it because I have ADHD or it me trying to do everything, but your words alone made me rethink of everything in a positive way. Again Thank you. :D

Wow, thank you for this! Everything was so incredibly on point. Life has certainly been a struggle in the sense you described it, but I know that I have greater potential for this lifetime! You have an amazing way of describing things!
— Ronia

I attended your talk last night and I just had to write and say how much the insight you gave me meant to me. During your talk on Numerology I thought I was a one but it didn’t “feel” right. When I re-did the math I found out I was an 11. When you spoke directly to the 11’s in the group it was like the past 38 years and particularly my latest few years, all made sense. That feeling like I was meant for something bigger has been a bit of a struggle. I often say to myself “who do you think you are that you think you are so special to even feel like you are meant for more.” I am happy but I am not happy. I want/feel like there has to be more but feel so guilty for that. It has been haunting me but your talk made me feel “ok”. It was as if your words hugged the inner struggling me and said “you are ok. This is going to get better and sort itself out. You are exactly where you are meant to be.” I really had to hold myself back from crying as you were speaking. Thank you.
— C.K.

Not sure how to take all of what you said in. You describe me, to the very last imperfection to my strengths. Not sure how I came across this or why, but a fire has been lit. Thank you so much.
— Eder

I recently discovered I have an 11 Life Path. All I’ve read so far was good, but I watch your video on master #11 last night and WOW. That was an eye opener. It all makes sense now...
— Debora